Short Field

...Art McCoy...from Gold Hill, Oregon...flies a Cessna 172 with a Horton STOL kit from a 1300-foot dirt strip. He has more than 320 hours total flight time and installed the LRI before he began operating out of his strip. "I wanted the extra safety of what the LRI could give me. On final, I have to clear an obstacle approximately 35 feet high 200 yards north of the strip. On takeoff to the south, I have to clear 500 volt power lines approximately 50-60 feet high and 400 yards from the end of the strip. I feel confident in these conditions with the LRI. Also, I'm sure that the Horton STOL kit helps a lot. I can rotate at 48-50 indicated with the LRI two or three lines above the red and have a rate of climb that feels very positive. There is no mushy or edgy feeling as climb out is 800-900 fpm, depending on the wind."

McCoy says it took three tries to get the LRI set properly after installation. He thinks this probably was because of the extreme camber cuff on the leading edge of the Horton STOL kit. He says the unit works well in the rain and has had no failures in 18 months of use, and if he were to change aircraft, he would retain the LRI.

Private Pilot - February 1987